Mastering Customer Service Writing: Responding to Complaint Letters with Confidence (1 day)

Mastering Customer Service Writing: Responding to Complaint Letters with Confidence (1 day)

Public Workshops: Cantonese with English Workbook
In-house Workshops: 社內培訓可選用粵語普通話授課


When customers write complaint letters, they are usually upset. At the same time, it is a sign for continued business opportunities with the customer, and a valuable gift for the company to review our operations, services or even product design. Attend this workshop and learn how to write response letters that rebuild your company’s reputation while recovering the goodwill of your customers. After this workshop, you will understand what customers want when they write and obtain a writing model for responding to customer’s letters while learning how to edit your writing for clarity by following four simple and proven principles.


Customer service representatives, managers, or supervisors who need to respond to customer’s written feedback will benefit from this workshop

What You Will Cover
  1. Analysing real-life writing examples
    • Identifying areas for improvement
    • Tips on how to start writing quickly
    • Strategies for effective reading and writing skills for E.S.L. (English as a second language) writer
  2. Expectations when customers write
    • The 2 W’s in feedback
    • What we typically missed and how to spot them before we start writing
    • Review of more writing samples vs your writing exercises
  3. Introducing the AESC concept to Customer Service Writing
    • What is AESC
    • Samples and short exercise using AESC concept
    • Application of AESC concept to write your replies
  4. Comprehensive writing exercise on preparing and responding to a letter from customer
  5. Extra tips! Enhance efficiency and effectiveness in response preparation by using A.I.
About the Facilitator

Samuel is a seasoned Creative Director working with global icons like Bally, Bank of America, Christian Dior, DuPont, Epson, Ingersoll-Rand, JPMorgan Chase, Maersk-Sealand, UCLA, Yahoo and Zurich Insurance. Having stayed in America for over 35 years, he could share with you how cultural influences and mastery of the English language affect the decisions of different ethnic groups. While in America, he has worked with Americans, British, Canadians, Danish, French, Indians, Italians, Japanese, Koreans, Latin Americans, mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, Thais and Vietnamese. He had taught participants from 4M Industrial Development, Aedas, Chinese International School, COOK, First Advisory Management Services, Hermes, New World Development, P&T Corporate Consultants, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation and many other corporations.

WorldBridge Training Centre, 160 Lockhart Road, 1902 Yue Xiu Building (1 min walk from Wanchai MTR A1 Exit)
9:00am - 5:00pm
Complimentary lunch and refreshments
HK$2,600 per participant. SPECIAL discounted price of HK$2,380 per participant for enrolment one month before date of workshop or for groups of two or more