Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day (1 day)

Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day (1 day)

Public Workshops: Cantonese with English Workbook
In-house Workshops: 社內培訓可選用英語粵語授課


This workshop highlights the common English grammar errors that appear in Hong Kong business writing and gives you practical tips and skills to avoid them. Through work-related exercises, you will learn to write clear and concise sentences to:

  • help your reader understand your meaning quickly
  • portray a professional image of your organisation
What our Participants say:


... Bonnie Yi, Spin Master Toys (China)
"Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day"
for Spin Master Toys (China)

"The best!"

... Keung Kai Ming, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day

"This workshop is the best I have ever attended because it is very practical and useful"

... Fiona Tse, International SOS (HK) Limited
Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day


Anyone who wishes to write precise and accurate English sentences. You must have a working knowledge of English

What You Will Cover
  1. Why is English Different?
    • Beyond the English/Chinese dictionary
  2. The Building Blocks of English Grammar
    • Subject/verb agreement
  3. Forming Clear and Concise Sentences
    • Pronoun, tenses, split infinitives, prefer the active voice
  4. Facilitating Reader’s Understanding
    • Articles: a definite use
    • Prepositions: those pesky ‘in’, ‘on’, 'at'
    • Punctuations: quick tips on the pitfalls
    • Conjunctions: co-ordinating ideas
    • Abbreviations: in short, how and when to use them
    • Homophones: what spell checks don’t catch
  5. Proofreading for Common Grammar Errors
    • Common grammar errors challenge
About the Facilitator

Samuel is a seasoned Creative Director working with global icons like Bally, Bank of America, Christian Dior, DuPont, Epson, Ingersoll-Rand, JPMorgan Chase, Maersk-Sealand, UCLA, Yahoo and Zurich Insurance.  Since the 90s, he has been an Evangelist for "Plain English Movement" and will show you the secrets to overcome your fear of writing so you can master it at work. Samuel had successfully facilitated English workshops for participants from 4M Industrial Development, Aedas, Chinese International School, COOK, First Advisory Management Services, Hermes, New World Development, P&T Corporate Consultants, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation and many other corporations.

WorldBridge Training Centre, 160 Lockhart Road, 1902 Yue Xiu Building (1 min walk from Wanchai MTR A1 Exit)
9:00am to 5:00pm
Complimentary lunch and refreshments
HK$2,600 per participant. Discounted price of HK$2,380 per participant for enrolment one month before date of workshop or for groups of two or more