Effective Problem-solving with DMAIC Lean Approach (1 day)

Effective Problem-solving with DMAIC Lean Approach (1 day)

Public Workshops: Cantonese with English Workbook
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This workshop will help you perform your role as project manager effectively & strategically. In applying core techniques of DMAIC – Lean Six Sigma for project management from initial stage till the end —Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. In a nutshell, DMAIC will guide you to solve problems strategically by mapping the issues and problems, its root causes and pain points, thus enable you to generate pragmatic solutions and fulfil stakeholders and management requirements and expectations. 

After you have completed the course, it will guide you to:

  • Understand and apply DMAIC – five critical steps of problem-solving skills for effective project management.  
  • Perform your role as project manager effectively & strategically by: analysing problems root causes, mapping process loopholes, and identifying the inefficiencies (pain points), thus able to meet stakeholders’ expectations effectively with pragmatic proposals and solutions. 
  • Share best practices of problem-solving using DMAIC – Lean six sigma approach for effective project management. 

New Managers, Supervisors and project leaders who want to refresh their skills and knowledge for creative problem solving in the context of project management facilitating the completion of key milestones

What You Will Cover
  1. What is DMAIC and what’s in it for effective problem-solving in the context of project management?
    • ​Positive mindsets for successful problem-solving & thinking out of the box
    • Maximize values using Lean Six Sigma for project continuous improvement
    • Overview and objectives of each phase (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)
  2. Define the problem
    • Define problem and scope (objectives & skills)
    • Apply & practice the tool: Problem/Goal statement and Project Charter (with simulated case)
  3. Measure
    • Explore the boundaries
      • Measure the baseline & questioning techniques (5W1H)
      • Determine facts and assumptions for next phase of analysis
    • Map current process and visualize the problems and pain points
    • Envision the Future State – Value Stream Map (VSM)
      • Apply & practice the tools: Process Map & Value Stream Map
  4. Analyse
    • Identify gaps between current performance and goal performance and its root causes
      • Tool application: Fishbone Diagram (for analysing its root causes)
    • Infer patterns & trends in data collected
  5. Improve
    • Brainstorm effective solutions and take preventive measures (Tool application: Mind-map technique)
    • Evaluate solution effectiveness & determine priority (Tool application: Impact/Effort Grid)
  6. Control
    • Ensure effective control
    • Inspiring & working others with DiSC application)
    • Implement an ongoing monitoring plan and monitor results
    • Share the lesson learnt by sharing and developing system of documentation
About the Facilitator

Miss Ngai had 20 years diverse experiences as Corporate HR, Learning and Organization/Talent Development Manager. She had served global and local banking corporations and global sourcing/certification Companies. Her last role was the Project Manager of bank-wide Retail Transformation and Learning Manager of the local renowned bank. The bank had used Agile extensively for project management. With this rare and unique work opportunity, she was empowered with extensive experiences of using Agile and Lean approach to support and manage change and transformation for retail transformation programme. Over last decades, her career focus was on organization development for talent management, culture and sales transformation: building sales and people capabilities. She had provided effective solutions to address organization issues of hiring, restructure and enhancing team/people performance.   

WorldBridge Training Centre, 160 Lockhart Road, 1902 Yue Xiu Building (1 min walk from Wanchai MTR A1 Exit)
9:00am - 5:00pm
Complimentary lunch and refreshments
HK$2,600 per participant. SPECIAL discounted price of HK$2,380 per participant for enrolment one month before date of workshop or for groups of two or more