ChatGPT for Beginners: Increase your productivity at work (Online AM)

ChatGPT for Beginners: Increase your productivity at work (Online AM)

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Join us for an engaging 3.5 hour ChatGPT workshop designed exclusively for working professionals seeking to leverage Open-source large language models (such as OpenAI's ChatGPT 3.5) for enhanced work productivity.

In this condensed session, we'll explore the transformative capabilities of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI assistant reshaping the landscape of work and communication. Discover how ChatGPT can elevate your efficiency, creativity, and overall impact at work.

Our focus will be on practical applications, empowering you to integrate the use of ChatGPT into your work routine. Learn how to compose emails effortlessly, conduct proofreading, facilitate effective problem-solving, and ignite dynamic brainstorming sessions.

This workshop aims to equip you with actionable insights to immediately enhance your professional endeavors. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of ChatGPT and revolutionize the way you approach work. Join us for a dynamic and interactive learning experience over Zoom!


Managers with interest in enhancing communication for team collaboration, discover creative applications of ChatGPT in document creation, ideas generation, research and ways to improve content creation will benefit from this workshop

Interactive online lectures using ZOOM Cloud Meetings. All participants must be equipped with camera, microphone and speaker to participate fully in the online discussions and role-play practices. ZOOM Cloud Meetings could be used on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones

What You Will Cover
  1. Getting Started with ChatGPT
    • What is ChatGPT and how does it work?
    • What can ChatGPT do or cannot do?
    • ChatGPT 3.5 vs ChatGPT 4.0
    • Accessing and navigating ChatGPT Open AI platform
    • Hands-on practice: Participants explore ChatGPT's interface and basic functionalities
  2. ChatGPT for Writing and Proofreading
    • How to use ChatGPT to proofread your emails
    • Hands-On Practice: Participants to practice with ChatGPT proofreading emails
    • How to use ChatGPT to write an email like a professional
    • Hands-On Practice: Participants to practice and discuss the effectiveness of ChatGPT writing an email for work purposes
  3. ChatGPT for Problem-Solving, Brainstorming and Idea Generation
    • Leveraging ChatGPT for brainstorming and idea generation
    • Hands-on practice: Participants generate creative ideas with ChatGPT's help
  4. Ethical Considerations and Best Practices
    • Understand the limitations and ethical challenges of using ChatGPT in our work
    • Explore how to overcome and mitigate these ethical challenges
    • Final debrief, conclusion and key takeaways

Course Pre-requisite:
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup

For participants to be able to participate in the hands-on activities of the ChatGPT course, participants in Hong Kong are required to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) set up on their devices.

Why VPN is Required:
ChatGPT is not directly available in Hong Kong. To access and fully engage with the hands-on activities, participants need to connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows them to simulate their location as if they were in a region where ChatGPT is accessible, i.e. Singapore.

About the Facilitator

Charmaine is the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at a digital agency and as one of the pioneer in the digital marketing industry, she started her first design agency in 2010. Out of her passion to share her social media and digital marketing knowledge with marketers, she has developed more than 12 digital marketing curriculums, and has conducted trainings in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Mauritius.

She is a veteran trainer with many renowned organisations in Singapore and has trained more than 1,200 individuals and conducted more than 1,950 hours of training on digital marketing and related subjects for marketers and business owners in the last 5 years. Charmaine makes learning interactive, practical and fun. That’s how she learn, and that’s how she shares her knowledge with others.

9:00am - 12:30pm
HK$1,300 per participant. Special discounted fee of HK$1,188 per participant for enrolments one month before date of workshop or for groups of two or more