15 Phrases Smart Leaders Never Say to Their Employees (Online - PM)
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15 Phrases Smart Leaders Never Say to Their Employees (Online - PM)

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  1. 「其實你都做得幾好,不過... 」
  2. 「我都知道你好多嘢做緊…」
  3. 「你真係我哋team最top嘅。」
  4. 「我覺得你可以做好啲。」
  5. 「你覺唔覺得你自己好有問題。」
  6. 「有同事話你…」
  7. 「大家有咩意見?咩都可以拎出嚟講。」
  8. 「你點做嘢㗎! 」
  9. 「你有冇攪錯!」
  10. 「人工裡面包㗎! 」
  11. 「你去同佢講話係我話嘅。」
  12. 「我都做到,點解你唔得?」
  13. 「公司要咁做,我都無辦法。」
  14. 「你自己諗掂佢。」
  15. 「你到底明唔明我講咩㗎?! 」

If this list sounds familiar to you and you have used more than three of the above phrases, it’s time to evaluate your communication skills as a leader! This interactive and practical online workshop helps you understand why your words didn’t achieve its expected results, instead, the opposite at times. Find out what is wrong with using the above phrases and obtain immediate answer on what to say.  Smart managers motivate employees through positive communication skills and do not the annual teambuilding activity! Come join us for a fruitful and interactive learning session!

What our Participants say:

"Many role-plays and the cases are very realistic. It also facilitates me to counter think my attitude and behaviour"

... Yip Chi Kin, The Hongkong Electric Co Ltd
Communication and Interpersonal Skills for ACTION© Managers

"The techniques that I have learnt in the workshop are very practical. They are useful in daily life. Samples were quoted to leave a deeper impression on me. Interactions among the participants and the coach let me have reflections and think deeper."

... Janny Au, Hang Seng Bank
15 Phrases Smart Leaders Never Say to Their Employees


All managers and officers who want to improve working relationships with your counterparts, or to gear yourself to move onto the next level of your career will benefit from this workshop

Interactive online lectures using ZOOM Cloud Meetings. All participants must be equipped with camera, microphone and speaker to participate fully in the online discussions and role-play practices. ZOOM Cloud Meetings could be used on desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones

What You Will Cover
  1. Why NOT?
    • Group discussion on the implications, consequences, reasons, hidden agenda, impact and reactions when managers use the 15 phrases
  2. How to and should you motivate your employee? Or Employees?
    • What can I say instead? (15 case studies)
    • Role play and individual feedback
  3. Positive speaking techniques  
    • How to say exactly what you mean positively (group practice session)
    • Common practices that are wrong and classic mistakes to avoid
  4. Learnings and summary
About the Facilitator

Audrey Loh has successfully delivered over 120 interactive online training sessions since February 2020!   She qualifies as a sales and marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, accounting and customer service with multi-national companies in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to her present role, she was a marketing director in Motorola. Apart from her professional work, Audrey does management, marketing, customer service and sales skills training for large multi-national corporations in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan and South East Asia.

Since 1997, Audrey has facilitated more than 1,900 workshops in various topics for over 29,000 participants from adidas, AEON Credit Service, AIA, Airport Authority, Asia Satellite Telecommunications, AXA, BCD Travel, Canadian International School, Chow Sang Sang Holdings, Citibank, CITIC Telecom, CLP Power, DFS Group, Hong Kong Government (various departments), Galaxy Entertainment Group, General Mills HK, GlaxoSmithKline, Hilti, Hitachi, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering, Hong Kong Baptist University, International SOS, Japan Tobacco, Kao, Kimberly-Clark, LVMH, Madame Tussaud's, Maersk, Miele, OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Ocean Park, Prince of Wales Hospital, Project Orbis, Ricoh, Richemont AP, Shangri-La Hotels, Spin Master Toys, Swatch Group, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Swarovski, Swire Beverages, The Dairy Farm Group and many other organisations. She is fluent in English, Putonghua, Japanese, Cantonese & several other Chinese dialects.

Audrey is also a Leading CEO Communications Coach for senior executives.

Online, maximum 15 participants
2:00pm - 5:00pm
HK$1,300 per participant. Special discounted price of HK$1,188 per participant for enrolments one month before date of workshop or for groups of two or more