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Workshop Name Sep Oct Nov Dec
10 Phrases Any Employee Should Not Say to Your Boss! (Online - AM) 30
15 Phrases Smart Leaders Never Say to Their Employees (Online - PM) 30
20 Powerful Icebreakers for Online Meetings and Training (Online - PM) 28
5 Secrets to Improve Your Virtual Meeting Image (Online - AM) 27
Achieving Excellence through Self & Team Leadership (2 days) 5-6 18-19
Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction for Supervisors (1 day) 22
AQ - The REAL Application in Leadership (Online - AM) 28
Boost Performance With A Multi-Generational Workforce (Online - AM) 24
Business Talk and Networking with English Speakers (½ day - AM) 24 13
CEO 的說話 - Speak and Get Results Workshop
Create Effective Facebook Advertisements from Meta Ad Manager (Online AM) 14
Creating Greater Value to Your Bosses (Online - PM) 27
Creating Livelier Newsletters, Ezines & Flyers (1 day) 18 20
Customer Service through Better Communication (1 day) 1
Daily Team Briefing Skills (1 day)
Designing Online Training to Deliver Results! (Online - PM)
Effective Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals (Online - AM) 29
Effective Problem-solving with DMAIC Lean Approach (1 day) 19 1
Event Organising Skills for Secretaries and Administrators (1 day) 4 5
Fine-Tuning Your Business English Grammar in ONE Day (1 day) 15
Gen X and Baby Boomers - Reverse Mentoring for a Better Team (1 day)
Happiness at Work to Increase Productivity (1 day)
How to Be Happy in Bad Times (Online - PM) 24
How to Train Your Boss ~ Free Sharing Session (2nd Run!)
Improve Business Productivity to SEE Profit (Online - PM)
Influencing and Working with Internal Business Associates Successfully (1 day) 3
Inspiring your team for Peak Performance with MBTI (1 day) 8
Interviewing Skills... Did you ask the right question? (½ day) AM
Law of Contract Simplified! (Online - PM) 13
Leading an Interactive Online Training Session (Online - AM)
Learn to Coach GEN Z with Effective Results (1 day) 20 1
Managing and Getting Results from Your Remote Team (1 day)
Managing Communication with Stakeholders ~ ACTION© Managers (2 days) 23-24
Managing Generational Diversity in the Workplace (1 day)
Mastering Customer Service Writing: Responding to Complaint Letters with Confidence (1 day)
Maximise Profit from Good Decision! (Online - AM)
Negotiate for Better Deals! (2 days)
Negotiation for Technical Professionals using STEM Approach (1 day)
Online Meeting Facilitation Skills (Online - PM)
Organic Instagram Marketing Strategies for Business (Online - PM) 16 1
Phone Behaviour for Effective Communication (½ day - PM) 24 13
Presentation Skills… The Secrets! (2 days) 12-13 11-12
Quick Steps to Effective Business Writing (1 day) 17
Quick Steps to Present Effectively (1 day) 12 11
Quick Steps to Win Negotiations (1 day) 6
SEE Profits by Streamlining Operations (1 day)
Selecting the Best Fit with Competency-Based Interviews (1 day) 20
Smart Decision Making to Max Business Results (1 day)
Successful Project Management with Agile Approach (1 day) 21
The Making of a New Supervisor in One Day (1 day) 2
The WWW to Win Negotiation (Online - PM) 10
Time Management... The Secrets! (1 day)
Top 10 Business Writing Tips (Online - AM) 2
Train-the-Trainer (Facilitation Skills for Managers) (3 days) 13-15
Using Q&As in Online Conferencing (Online - AM)
What You Need to Know About Time Management (Online - PM) 29
Writing CLEAR ACTIONable© Emails (1 day) 27 14

Public Workshop Fee from 1 January 2023
Fees: HK$7,200/*HK$6,580 (3-Day Workshop)
  HK$4,800/*HK$4,480 (2-Day Workshop)
  HK$2,600/*HK$2,380 (1-Day Workshop)
  HK$1,300/*HK$1,188 (½-Day Workshop)
* Special Discounts - will be given to all workshop registration made one month before the workshop or for groups of two or more per workshop

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  1. All fees must be fully paid 15 days before the workshop.
  2. Faxed, emailed or online enrolments are acceptable with cheque to follow.
  3. Workshops are confirmed 14 days before the workshop dates. On confirmation, cancellations are not allowed but a substitute will be accepted. No shows will be billed and workshop fees must be paid, regardless of attendance.
  4. WorldBridge reserves the right to make alterations regarding content, speaker or venue of the workshop.
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